Papers we’re reading (week 1)

‘Working’ Remotely? Selection, Treatment, and Market Provision of Remote Work (JMP).

This paper tells a story about remote work and productivity.

Effectiveness of Financial Incentives in a Worksite Diabetes Prevention Program.

If you start paying people, you should keep paying people — otherwise behavior change effects likely won’t sustain. This study succeeded in helping people maintain weight loss, because they kept paying people.

— — —

The Effect of Patient Reminders and Gas Station Gift Cards on Patient Adherence to Testing Guidelines for Diabetes.

Financial incentives tend to work when you’re incentivizing one-time behaviors. Credit card companies know this — they pay us to switch. Chase pays $300 to get your debt.

Like behavioral science?

Want to learn more about applying behavioral economics to product design? Irrational labs has an immersive online 8 week bootcamp. We teach you how to design and build products that change behavior.



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Kristen Berman

Kristen Berman

Thinking about Irrationality. Behavioral Scientist. Co-founder of Irrational Labs and Common Cents Lab.