A New Script: Pregnancy Photos

Kristen Berman
3 min readMay 9, 2022


There are pretty defined Scripts for life events.

When this happens, do this.

When you get engaged, send out a “Save the Date”

Ideally, your “Save the Date” picture shows you walking hand-in-hand looking at each other.

When you get married, capture that “First look” shot. The man needs to be ready with that “wow, I’m a lucky guy” grin.

And when you have a baby? Take semi-sexy, belly-forward pregnancy photos.

Or if you’re Rhianna, take very sexy pregnancy, very belly-forward photos.

The scripts are clear.

Scripts (or rituals) like these aren’t bad — scripts help us celebrate big milestones and even act as a modern rite of passage. A man looking at his future bride in her wedding dress for the first time has weighty significance.

But do we have to follow scripts *exactly*?

If opting out isn’t your thing, then the next question becomes: how can you slightly change the script?

Well, it may just take a little creativity, friends…and some body paint.

A New Pregnancy Photo Script

[script: be weird]

Picture 1: The beer belly.

Picture 2: Free-loading turtle hides under women’s shirt for 10 months.

Picture 3: Optical illusion — do I look skinny?

Picture 4: Magic 8 ball

Will the baby come today??

So the question we can ask ourselves: What scripts are we following too closely? And where can we veer off the script a little bit — to have more fun, but to also make some (new and novel) memories?

Behind the scenes

Let’s change the script.



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